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SHAREcat is a family of web-based solutions used for supply chain coordination. In order to avoid handling duplicate information for equipment and spares, SHAREcat has solutions for avoiding repeated work. The solutions deliver an innovative collaborative environment which includes manufacturers’ equipment catalogues and technical information. The company behind SHAREcat, Tektonisk, was established in 1993 and currently has offices in Bergen, Norway, London, UK, and Aberdeen, UK.sharecat
Greater Efficiency
Using SHAREcat solutions, customers can avoid the frustrations involved with doing the same actions on the same vendor data, project after project. Thus, the customer is able to share data and documents across the supply chain and consequently has more time to spend on more important issues. SHAREcat’s customers are able to take the weight off their over-stuffed shelves and overloaded databases and share the benefits that result from a more efficient flow of information.
Shared Common Vendor Data
SHAREcat provides the ability to share common vendor data across all energy industry sectors. Project or facility views cover both standard and project specific supply chain information linked to tags or assets.
SHAREcat’s communication interfaces deliver efficiencies to operators, contractors, suppliers and manufacturers. This is done through a shared view of data and documents, using simple workflows which reflect established industry practices.
SHAREcat technology has been used on many oilfields, and the system is used on the Sakhalin II field in East Russia. Here SHAREcat is used to handle all vendor documentation, and the vendors are spread over five continents and are all working on-line through the internet.
Project organization has also been done from the United Kingdom, Russia, South Korea and Indonesia. In addition, SHAREcat is currently deployed in major projects like Valhall redevelopment, Skarv, Ormen Lange and Britannia satellites.
Satisfied SHAREcat customers include:
• Aibel
• Aker Kværner
• BP
• ConocoPhillips
• ExxonMobile
• Heerema
• Hydro
• Shell
• StatoilHydro

• Total


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Data management services
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