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The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) decided in February 2007, upon a Norwegian proposal, to establish a new technical committee, ISO/TC 234 Fisheries and Aquaculture. The secretariat of the new technical committee was allocated to Standards Norway, Norway’s national body in ISO. Standards Norway will also nominate the chair of the new committee.

Fisheries and aquaculture is an important area of concentration for Norway. The objective with standardization in this area is to contribute to fair competition conditions, the downscaling of strict trade barriers, sustainable development, work safety, good fish health, fish welfare and food safety.

Marine Fish Farms (NS 9415)
Standards Norway has developed the standard NS 9415:2003, “Marine Fish Farms – Requirements for Design, Dimensioning, Production, Installation and Operation”. The objective of this standard is to reduce the risk of the escape of fish as a result of technical deficiencies and incorrect usage of fish farm equipment. The standard provides the requirements for the physical design of fish farms with accompanying documentation. This includes dimensioning and design regulations for such farms. The standard states which parameters must be used in order to report on the natural state of a given site, along with the procedure for the classification of sites. Requirements are provided, for example, on the physical design of all of the main components of a farm, functionality of a farm after its composition, and how the farm should be operated in order to achieve acceptable security against fish escape. The standard supplements the statutory regulations in this area, “Regulation for Requirement of Technical Standards for Fish Farms”. The standard is also available in English.

The standard has been developed in cooperation with representatives from fish farms, equipment providers and their organizations, fishery and environmental authorities, educational and research institutions, certification organizations and consulting firms.

Atlantic Salmon (NS 9401, NS 9402 and NS 9404)
The standards comprise sampling for quality assessment, measurement of colour and fat, and trimming and skinning of salmon fillets. They are available in English, German, French and Spanish.

Environmental Monitoring of Marine Fish Farms (NS 9410)
The standard describes methods for measuring bottom impacts from marine fish farms, and gives detailed procedures for how environmental impacts from individual fish farm sites should be monitored. The monitoring encompasses three types of surveys (A, B and C). A- and B-investigations describe the impacts on the sea floor under and in the immediate vicinity of the site in question. The C-investigation aims to obtain a picture of the impacts on the recipient as a whole. The standard is also available in English.

International Standardization
Based on its experience in national standardization efforts, Standards Norway wishes to develop international standards within the field of aquaculture.

For more information on the organization, please contact Standards Norway. Standards Norway will also be present at the Aqua Nor trade show in Trondheim, Norway from August 9–12, 2005.

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