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The Norwegian Mapping Authoritys Geodetic Institute runs 18 permanent GPS stations in continuous operation at 15 locations on the Norwegian mainland, in the Svalbard archipelago, and in Iceland. Eleven of the stations make up the Norwegian SATREF reference network.

National Satellite-based Reference System
Established in 1989, the SATREF network provides a national satellite-based reference system which offers data and services in connection with the use of GPS and DGPS. Its main components are reference and monitoring stations, a control centre, distribution systems and communications lines linking the various components. Quality control and integrity monitoring are important functions, making it possible for SATREF to provide users with reliable data and services. The network can be implemented for real-time use for navigation and positioning, and for post-mission use for a wide range of land, sea and air-based applications, with data distributed according to user needs. Plans exist to expand SATREF? to support other satellite-based systems, such as the Russian GLONASS system. Control Centre Processing
Each reference station sends GPS observations, corrections and status information to the control centre in near real-time. The control centre is responsible for functions and processes, including GPS/DGPS data storage; real-time and post-mission data distribution; Network Management System operation; quality control of GPS/DGPS data; operator alarms sent by pager, printer and log; and plot and statistics generation. The UNIX-based control centre has an operator-friendly graphical user interface and a multi-server that prepares data for real-time distribution.










Constructive Collaboration
The SATREF organization also cooperates with the EGNOS System Test Bed (ESTB), which is based on a network of reference stations throughout Europe and beyond. The ESTB collects real-time data from GPS, GLONASS and Inmarsat-3 navigation payloads, which is transmitted and processed at SATREF in Hnefoss, Norway, and at the CNES in Toulouse, France. The ESTB signal is broadcast by Inmarsat AOR-E and Inmarsat IOR via stations in France and Italy.

The ESTB consists of eight European reference stations, the SATREF control centre, the EURIDIS (a French system for controlling the space segment based on Inmarsat AOR-E), and the MTB (an Italian system for controlling the space segment based on Inmarsat IOR). The ESTB transfers data to the SATREF control centre once a month by DAT. The ESTBs reference stations are now being connected directly to the SATREF control centre, which will allow the centre to compute Wide Area Differential corrections and distribute data via Inmarsat.


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