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Since 1896, Trelleborg Offshore Norway has been the largest manufacturer of rubber products in Norway, and is a part of the Trelleborg Group, employing more than 20,000 people worldwide. Trelleborg is a global industrial corporation whose leading position is based on advanced polymer technologies and in-depth applications know-how, developing high–performance solutions that dampens, seals and protects.

Market Solutions
Trelleborg Offshore Norway serves challenging environments globally within offshore, land-based industry, defence as well as the renewable energy and environmental technology sector. Due to tailor made solutions, combining the highest level of performance and competitiveness, Trelleborg Offshore is a leading supplier, meeting its customers’ requirements.

Corrosion Protection

Rubber is chemically resistant to most corrosive liquids, gases, salt water, and ozone and UV-light. These corrosive agents are commonly encountered in industry and the offshore sector. Where steel is exposed to corrosion, it can be protected with a rubber lining.

Passive Fire Protection
This is a rubber-based Firestop technology,
tested to withstand severe explosion loads and jet-fire for more than two hours. Smoke and toxic fumes from Trellborg Offshore Norway’s Firestop are reduced to a minimum. The materials have a high level of chemical and water resistance, and are very robust. The rubber compounds are ozone and UV light tested. The Firestop technology is used in numerous products and applications.

ELASTOPIPE™ is a patented flexible piping system specially designed for use in hazardous and corrosive areas. The pipes are made from reinforced synthetic rubber, providing excellent properties as no corrosion, jet-fire resistance, reduced water hammer and no hot work during installation. ELASTOPIPE™ is designed to transport fluids from fresh water to crude oil, and can be delivered in two various types – Fire Resistant and Fire & Oil Resistant.


 Jetfire testing.  Thermal insulation, Vikotherm.  Riser protection.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation is designed for use on subsea installations down to a water depth of 2,000 metres and is known as Vikotherm. Vikotherm rubber is chemically bonded to the steel substrate and therefore offers excellent corrosion protection. The thermal insulation application is maintenance-free and high impact resistant.

Global Presence
Trelleborg Offshore Norway has representatives in Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Korea, Russia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates,
the UK and the USA.

Trelleborg has delivered projects to all of the major players in the oil and gas industry, including BP, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Hydro, Maersk, Shell, Statoil and Total.

North America
South America
South Asia
West Asia

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