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Yara International is the number one global supplier of plant nutrients in the form of mineral fertilizers and agronomic services to farmers worldwide. Yara helps provide food and biomass for a growing population and supplies industrial products that safeguard air and water quality and preserve food quality. Yara aims to create values for shareholders and other stakeholders, as well as for society at large.
About Yara
As the number one global supplier of mineral fertilizers, Yara helps provide food, renewable energy and environmental solutions for a growing world population. With sales operations in over 50 countries and sales to more than 120 countries, Yara is truly a global company and one of the world’s most established brand names in agriculture. Revenues in 2007 were in excess of
NOK 57 billion.
Delivering Knowledge
Yara is an old Norse word for “a good year”, characterized by a good harvest. The global workforce of 8,000 employees aims to live up to this name by striving for better yield in many ways. Yara aspires to an ever increasing role in its customer’s value chains and will achieve this by developing and adapting the knowledge and service content of its solutions.
A Global Leader in Plant Nutrition
Yara offers the most comprehensive portfolio of plant nutrients in the industry. Yara is a global market leader in ammonia, nitrate, NPK and speciality fertilizers. Yara agronomists develop products that provide the correct nutrition for specific crops, soils and climates – striving to help farmers achieve better revenues and higher margins.
Modern agriculture has become a knowledge-intensive activity in which mineral fertilizer is an essential ingredient. It will play a decisive role as agricultural researchers and farmers worldwide face the challenge of increasing global food production by 50 to 75% while keeping environmental impact to a minimum.
Yara Solutions Protect Human Health & the Environment
Public health is badly affected by air and water pollution. Yara is increasing its efforts to provide products and solutions that protect human health and the environment.
Yara has leveraged the accumulated knowledge of its industrial business to develop abatement solutions that reduce NOx emissions by up to 90%, converting the gas into harmless nitrogen and water vapor. These NOxCare products are currently used to treat diesel engine exhaust and flue gas from power plants, waste incineration, cement factories and other industrial burners.
Another application that Yara has brought to market to address NOx emissions is the Air1 solution for AdBlue. This transforms emissions from heavy-duty vehicles into harmless water vapor and nitrogen.
For the wastewater treatment industry, Yara’s Nutriox solution eliminates and prevents the formation of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), a colorless gas that is both poisonous and corrosive.
All these technologies are based on the production of ammonia, urea and calcium nitrate, areas where Yara is a global leader in terms of technology, production and distribution.


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