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January 5, 2023

A glimpse into a workday of Brunvoll service team

Recently a service team from Brunvoll travelled to Nuuk Værft at Greenland to perform a service job on the bow thruster at the vessel “Minik Arctica”, owned by Royal Arctic Line A/S. “Minik Arctica” is a General Cargo ship operating at Greenland, and she is equipped with a Brunvoll propeller and reduction gear system, two tunnel thrusters and control systems.

The first part of the job was to remove the thruster from the ship and take it inside the workshop for repair and overhauling. The weather had changed from sunny autumn days to winter with snow and -17, so it was good to continue the work inside the workshop and take off hats and gloves.


Steinar is performing service on the Brunvoll tunnel thruster


Minik Arctica is equipped with Brunvoll propulsion and thruster systems


Nuuk Værft at Greenland on a sunny late autumn day

The thruster was repaired and reinstalled in the vessel, and after successful testing the team finished this stay at Nuuk at Greenland.

Steinar and Kennet have experience from years of service jobs around the world, and they both enjoy their work executing service and support. However, it is not a draw back to spend spare time to get to explore places where the vessels are located and get a glimpse of the culture and the surroundings.

There is a great number of vessels equipped with Brunvoll propulsion and thruster systems in daily operation on all the world’s seas. Our experienced and skilled service teams representing Brunvoll do their utmost to live up to our vision – Trusted world wide – by serving quick response, and efficiently execute support to our valuable customers.

Kennet supervising the testing of the tunnel thruster from the bridge by the Brunvoll control system


Kennet at work inside the tunnel


Brunvoll tunnel thruster repaired and replaced in the tunnel


Nice blue sky over a row of colourful houses in Nuuk


Winter at Nuuk Værft


Minik Arctica at sea

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