Brunvoll turns 110 – still on a steady course

June 1, 2022

The company is further managed according to the same principles that have always been the basis for the family business. Local ownership and production in Norway continue to be central strategies for today’s owners consisting of the 3rd, 4th and 5th generation Brunvoll family. With the vision “Trusted World Wide”, we want to express that it is not only the customers, but also the employees and society around us who can trust us.

A lot has happened since the start of engine production on the island of Harøya off Molde in 1912. Brunvoll today stands out as a modern maritime export company with a full range of thrusters and propulsion units for ships. Over the past 10 years, Brunvoll has invested heavily in technology development and has, among other things, developed systems for dynamic positioning, condition monitoring, propulsion thrusters, counter-rotating propellers and systems for electric and hybrid speedboats.

All development takes place internally, in close cooperation with our customers, and competence centres such as SINTEF, NTNU,iKuben and others. Brunvoll’s engineering environment is now one of the larger in the maritime industry, and is constantly growing. Sustainability has also become an important concept in Brunvoll and we are proud that in our 110th year in the industry we have launched our first sustainability report with specific development goals.

For Brunvoll, local value creation has always been central. As of today, the group has 36 apprentices and 99% of its own employees. We act locally when we can and want to be an active supporter in our local community, including through support for many local teams and organizations for children and young people.

For a long time Brunvoll was synonymous with Molde, but with the acquisition of Scana Propulsion and a constant need for more expertise, we now have skilled employees in Volda, Ålesund, Porsgrunn and Dalen – all sites in Norway.

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