DNV acquires MBI Healthcare Technologies to tackle growing clinical risks arising from dirty data

January 5, 2023

London, DNV, the global quality assurance and risk management provider, has acquired MBI Healthcare Technologies, a leading healthcare data assurance company based in the UK. The acquisition forms part of DNV’s strategic expansion into the digital health market.

MBI Healthcare Technologies supplies healthcare providers with artificial intelligence-backed technology and data quality expertise to reduce patient safety risks, deliver care more efficiently and bring down waiting times for elective treatment. The company tackles the growing challenge of patient data being imprecisely recorded in electronic health record systems.

MBI Healthcare Technologies gives healthcare providers an accurate and quality-assured overview of who is waiting for treatment, when, and where. The company’s LUNA platform generates complete oversight of an organization’s elective care performance. It visualises the status of individual patient journeys through their care pathway, and rapidly scans clinical documents to uncover inaccuracies about patients’ status in their treatment. The company also deploys expertise and capacity to cleanse large batches of inaccurate patient data in electronic health record systems and reduce large booking backlogs. MBI Healthcare Technologies’ team of advisors provide strategic advice on elective care performance, recovery planning, organizational change, and technology implementation.

“DNV’s investment in MBI Healthcare Technologies aims to accelerate data quality improvements in the healthcare sector. MBI Healthcare Technologies has developed sector-leading services and with their artificial intelligence-powered solution we will make a significant impact on the digital transformation of the healthcare system. With this investment we will further enhance DNV’s strength in providing trust and assurance to the healthcare sector,” said Remi Eriksen, Group President and CEO of DNV.

“At a time where the wait for elective care and shortages of medical staff are at unprecedented levels in many countries, the solutions provided by MBI Healthcare Technologies give healthcare providers the means to stop patients becoming misplaced in the system and avoid the scheduling of unnecessary appointments. Managing healthcare operations is intrinsically complicated and data quality issues can lead to significant inefficiencies,” said Liv Hovem, CEO of DNV’s Accelerator business area.

MBI Healthcare Technologies has worked with more than 80 healthcare providers in the UK to improve elective care performance over the past decade. The LUNA platform has been used to manage more than 40 million patient pathways, and the company has assessed more than 10 million clinical documents. MBI Healthcare Technologies also administers England’s National Data Quality Monitoring Platform for elective care.

By joining forces, DNV and MBI Healthcare Technologies will work to rapidly scale the company’s solutions in the UK, target growth in international markets, and bring new data assurance technologies to the healthcare sector. MBI Healthcare Technologies’ management will continue to lead the company’s growth, supported by an international team of commercial and domain experts from DNV.

“We are delighted to partner with DNV, a renowned assurance provider in multiple safety-critical industries including healthcare. MBI Healthcare Technologies’ thought-leading position in elective care performance, combined with DNV’s reputation, international infrastructure, and digital assurance expertise, is a recipe for making much greater impact on healthcare systems in the UK and abroad,” said Barry Mulholland, Founding Partner, MBI Healthcare Technologies.

DNV’s investment in MBI Healthcare Technologies follows the acquisition of digital health pioneer DNV Imatis in 2021. DNV Imatis helps clinical, logistical and administrative teams work together more efficiently by integrating and aggregating data from all corners of a healthcare provider’s healthcare operations. The company’s solutions bring critical information together into a simple overview, in real-time, unlocking capacity to care.

DNV has been active in the global healthcare sector for more than 30 years, delivering services including hospital accreditation and certification. The company’s additional focus on digital health aims to enable the digital transformation of the healthcare sector by growing DNV’s presence in this market significantly through innovation, acquisitions, and partnerships.

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