DNV awards Abate (Power +) notation to Transocean Norge

November 23, 2023

While the International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulates carbon intensity for sea vessels, offshore installations do not currently fall under a similar regulatory framework. Yet the industry is still seeking to enhance sustainability. DNV’s Abate (Power+) class notation not only represents ambitious emission reduction targets but also a comprehensive energy and emission management system aligned with ISO 50001 standards. It emphasizes rigorous monitoring of energy consumption and the implementation of both operational and technical strategies to notably reduce emissions.

Transocean implemented several key strategies to ensure the rig meets these standards, including comprehensive monitoring of energy consumption, optimization of operational energy, use of closed bus ties to minimize number of idle engines (including the DYNPOS(AUTRO-CBT) class notation), and variable frequency drives in rotating machinery to optimally control the power for large rotating machinery.

Torgeir Sterri, Director of Offshore Class, DNV, said: “We are delighted to award Transocean Norge with our Abate (Power+) notation. To support the offshore industry’s efforts in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and aligning with the targets of the Paris Agreement, we have introduced offshore class standards for emission reduction. Offshore units verified by DNV to meet these standards are paving the way for the industry’s sustainable future.”

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