Eksfin can finance hydrogen projects

February 1, 2023

Investment in a hydrogen plant requires a lot of capital and involves both technological and regulatory risk. Cooperation between private capital, commercial banks and government funding is essential to lift investments in the entire value chain.

Eksfin offers government loans and guarantees in close cooperation with commercial banks. Cooperation between banks and Eksfin increases the overall financing capacity for companies. Eksfin can finance projects for large corporations as well as SMEs and subcontractors

Eksfin can assist companies in Norway with loan financing of investments, financing for foreign buyers of Norwegian exports and with working capital linked to exports.

If your company is planning new investments or would like information about our products and services, we strongly encourage you to contact one of our client advisors.

Eksfin offers:

1. Investment financing
Enables Norwegian companies to invest in activities in Norway and overseas. If you are going to invest in fixed assets / non-current assets while maintaining the company’s liquidity, Eksfin can assist your company with loans and/or risk relief. In 2022, we expanded the offer with loans and guarantees for climate-friendly projects with export potential.
Read about investment financing from Eksfin here.

2. Export financing
Long-term buyer financing from Eksfin is available to international buyers of Norwegian capital goods and services and foreign subsidiaries of Norwegian exporters. Read more about buyer financing here.

3. Counter Guarantees
In some cases a Norwegian company may be asked to provide a bank guarantee to its foreign customers. The bank guarantee may cover actual delivery, advance payment or other risks the buyer takes. This is called a counter guarantee. Please find more information about counter guarantees here.

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