How AI-enhanced cameras are transforming deep farming

October 9, 2023

“This partnership enables us to create a versatile camera system that effectively addresses crucial areas such as lice control, biomass management, fish health, and welfare,” says Director Digital Business Development Ana Maria Moris Valdebenito at AKVA group.

AKVA group recently acquired a 51% ownership stake in Submerged. This strategic partnership fuses the potential of artificial intelligence with advanced underwater camera technology, seamlessly integrating into AKVA group’s digital arsenal.

The camera, AKVA submerged, are well-suited for the deep farming concept Nautilus, a submersible net system that provides optimal conditions for fish by avoiding surface disturbances and lice attacks. Traditionally, the aquaculture industry has relied on manual monitoring and control processes, which are both time-consuming and often imprecise. The advent of AI presents a shift in this sector, enabling fish farmers to leverage data-driven tools that can handle vast amounts of information in real-time.

“AKVA group has extensive experience in the development and sale of cameras tailored for the aquaculture industry. AKVA submerged represents the latest advancement in this field, incorporating AI technology to expedite and enhance data acquisition processes, making them faster and more efficient,” says Moris Valdebenito.

Operation in deep farming

“The collaboration between AKVA group and Submerged serves as an example of how AI is reshaping various facets of aquaculture. This sets the stage for revolutionizing fish farming through the use of AI to improve operations, enhance sustainability, and ensure the well-being of the fish. We firmly believe that we’re just scratching the surface of AI’s potential in the aquaculture industry,” states Moris Valdebenito

AKVA submerged in action. Photo AKVA group.

A synergetic partnership

Submerged will retain its independence while working closely with AKVA group, offering a unique opportunity for knowledge sharing, resource optimization, and groundbreaking innovations. Lars Martin Sandvik Aas, CEO of Submerged, will collaborate closely with AKVA group’s digital leadership team to drive this venture forward.

“We see immense potential in combining Submerged’s camera technology with AKVA observe’s AI-driven feeding automation. The outcome is a comprehensive solution that caters to diverse market needs,” adds Moris Valdebenito.

Pioneering technology

The camera system’s sensors require minimal maintenance, as they incorporate self-cleaning technology designed to remove biofilm and cleaner fish from the camera lens. This automatic cleaning process ensures that AKVA submerged remains operational on a daily basis.

“Our decision to collaborate with AKVA group comes from our shared dedication to innovation and quality in aquaculture. We are enthusiastic about harnessing AKVA group’s resources and expertise to enhance our technology further,” says Sandvik Aas of Submerged.

Submerged complements AKVA group’s deep farming concept, Nautilus, effectively. Photo AKVA group.

Precision and efficiency

AKVA submerged has dynamic winch systems, artificial intelligence, and advanced algorithms, enabling real-time image analysis and agile manoeuvring. Integration with AKVA group’s existing product portfolio—AKVA connect, AKVA observe, and AKVA fishtalk—enhances the camera’s capabilities.

Thanks to this technology, fish farmers can anticipate enhanced precision and efficiency in their operations, with the added prospect of autonomous operation on the horizon. This collaboration aligns seamlessly with AKVA group’s overarching goal of providing precise and efficient solutions that elevate aquaculture practices.

AKVA submerged. Photo AKVA group.

A visionary journey

Founded in 2018 by Lars Martin Sandvik Aas and subsequently joined by Håvard Lein Braa, Submerged AS embarked on a visionary quest to develop an automated solution for counting salmon lice and measuring biomass. With founders boasting extensive formal and practical expertise, including trade certificates, bachelor’s degrees in electronics, master’s degrees in cybernetics and physics, and even a doctorate in applied optics (physics), Submerged brings a wealth of knowledge to the depths of aquaculture.

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