July 19, 2023

Airport buildings are said to be the cathedrals of the 21st century. Abu Dhabi’s new Midfield Terminal Complex definitely is a proof for this claim. The in itself impressive Terminal building – which is to process up to 80 million passengers each year – culminates in the 50-meter-high Departure Hall, largely column-free through the use of span leaning arches. This unique space poses a range of challenges in construction as well as in maintenance. Challenges that Megarme, a company of the PALFINGER MARINE organization, is most capable of.

Polishing Every Corner

Since 2017, PALFINGER Megarme has been at the very heart of the still ongoing construction works. As the final phase of the project is coming to an end, the company’s highly qualified rope access technicians are working on the finishing touches, including an array of jobs in the field of general cleaning and repairs, such as glass repairs and painting. The biggest challenge in the implementation is the architectural design of the building. Reaching certain areas required the support of the tallest access platform in the United Arab Emirates.

Coordination is Key

Due to its magnitude, this job involved the work of more than 120 technicians. The professional coordination between the various parties that worked simultaneously on the project allowed meeting deadlines and client expectations all while not compromising on safety. As the world’s leading supplier of lifting solutions, PALFINGER was the ideal partner for a project of this degree of specialization and magnitude.
Upon the successful completion of this project, an array of new projects in Abu Dhabi are already scheduled. PALFINGER is proud of its contribution to Abu Dhabi’s impressive gateway to the world.

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