July 6, 2022

With more than 3,000 kilometers of coastline and its high wind power potential, Vietnam is a fast-emerging hot spot for the global wind industry. Thanks to its expertise and high-quality standards, PALFINGER was selected to serve the new Vietnamese intertidal wind farms Hiep Thanh and Binh Dai with 26 fixed boom cranes, one for each wind turbine. While Hiep Thanh, which is close to Tra Vinh province, has recently begun operations, the Binh Dai wind farm near Ben Tre province is expected to be commissioned in due time.

Tailored cranes for a special area
Hiep Thanh wind park features 19 wind turbines that are set to produce 295 GWh/year of renewable energy. This amount of energy will be providing up to 180,000 Vietnamese households with clean energy. Compared to offshore wind farms, intertidal wind farms like Hiep Thanh and Binh Dai use turbines from the land area to produce renewable energy. Due to the low wave height requirements in the nearshore area, the requirements of the cranes provided by PALFINGER differ as well. For this reason, the fixed boom cranes were tailored to the respective conditions around the wind farms. One deviating characteristic, for example, involves the cranes’ size, which is smaller compared to offshore wind cranes. The PALFINGER fixed boom cranes will support in cargo and spare parts loading from crew transfer vessels (CTV) to the transition piece.

Emerging Sector in a New Market
Specifically for this project, the PALFINGER MARINE headquarters in Salzburg, Austria, has in fact been working very closely together with its Singapore location, to serve both new Vietnamese wind parks with lifting solutions tailored to their needs. Gunther Fleck, Vice President Sales & Service Region Marine at PALFINGER, says: “We are passionate to step foot on an emerging sector in a new market with our reliable PALFINGER lifting solutions. With our technical expertise in safe and fast material handling at offshore wind platforms, we provide the best services for the new intertidal wind parks in Vietnam as well as best in class services for our partners in the region.”

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