Sale of two feed barges to Norway

January 17, 2024

“We are excited about the opportunity to deliver more feed barges to the Norwegian market, which strengthens our position in aquaculture. We are proud of our range of feed barges, and it gives us additional joy to be able to offer the two largest barges we have in our portfolio. Our barges stand out for their robustness and durability,” says Kent Ims Borsheim, Project Director Barges at AKVA group.

The barges are designed for airborne feeding and contain twelve feeding lines with the possibility of adding two additional lines. The barges have a carrying capacity of 850 tons and are designed for use in locations with wave heights up to 5.99 meters. The delivery is planned for Northern Norway, but the specific location has not been determined.

AKVA group is delivering two AC850 Panorama barges. One barge with standard interior, while the other barge is made as a show barge.

Focus on quality and development

The feed barges are equipped with technology adapted to the needs of the aquaculture industry. The first barge is to be delivered in October 2024, and the second in February 2025. There is also an option for a third barge that can be signed in 2024 for delivery in 2025. Key Account Manager Jøran Strand at AKVA group has had good dialogue with the customer and closely followed the project.

“We have delivered several barges to the Norwegian market, and previous deliveries have been carried out in a very good and professional manner, including the work done by our service department. In total, this tells me that the customer has great trust in AKVA group as a company, and in the products we deliver. The customer focuses on quality, development, and standardization of good solutions,” says Strand.

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