Super vacuum cleaner, vacuum truck, suction truck, sludge vacuum - A rose by any other name would smell as sweet!

December 4, 2023

Super strong, super careful, flexible and sustainable!!
The enormous forces and the flexible equipment ensure a safe and cost-effective process. Using supervacs instead of larger construction machines is a good alternative in terms of the environment. A super vacuum cleaner can perform work with great accuracy and needs relatively little space to get there. The long range of hoses means that it can be placed several hundred meters from the workplace itself. This avoids destroying infrastructure in the ground or causing other damage to surrounding areas.

Versatile, practical and sought-after services
In SAR, we have several super vacuum trucks that are prepared to deliver services within a wide range. The cars are moved between different locations when the need arises. Our services are relevant both for industrial customers, contractors, municipal enterprises and, not least, private customers. Some of our most common services are listed below, but the cars can do a lot of other things in addition to these. New possibilities and solutions are constantly being discovered with this type of vehicle.

Examples of assignments:
Moving various filling materials from one place to another
Removal of gravel and stone masses in connection with drainage work
Emptying tanks on boats
Emptying land-based tanks
Locating, digging out wires, cables and pipes in the ground
Removal or addition of shingles on the roof
Suction of insulation
Filling old oil tanks with sand or shingle

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