Tailwind for Offshore Wind

May 16, 2023

Azimuth Propulsion

One of the newest additions to Brunvoll’s product range is the new size of the ducted pushing azimuth propeller known as the AUP105-series. Great effort and emphasize have been put into developing a compact and efficient azimuth thruster with excellent station keeping capabilities. Fast response and azimuth rotation speed are tuned to suit these types of vessels, which use the majority of their operations in DP-modes.


  • Tuned azimuth steering gear with increased rotation speed and ramp up speed for faster response
  • Redesigned trunk and steering gear for a more compact design and reduced building height
  • Optional tilted nozzle to limit the “forbidden zones” in maneuvering operations
  • Controllable and adjustable propeller pitch options according to customers requirement

Tunnel thrusters
Ship designers also put a great deal of effort into reducing the noise and vibration levels from the tunnel thrusters when designing vessels for offshore wind operations. The reasoning for this is to enhance the work environment onboard the vessel and reduce the omitted noise to the surroundings. Brunvoll low-noise tunnel thrusters and rim-driven tunnel thruster was developed for cruise ships, superyachts, and research vessel, but are also ideal for such applications where the vessel uses the tunnel thrusters for station keeping. A low-noise tunnel thruster from Brunvoll has a 12 dB noise reduction compared to its low-noise competitors from other suppliers and a 17 dB reduction in noise level compared to a conventional tunnel thruster, which is equal to 24% reduction in the noise level.

Dynamic Positioning

SOV’s primarily operate in DP-modes, and Brunvoll has explored the possibilities to make its DP-models as energy efficient as possible. BruCon DP features adjustable station keeping accuracy, a dynamic DP-model, and heading optimization. These features combined contribute to reducing fuel and energy consumption while cutting emissions.


  • Adjustable station keeping accuracy; reduced level of position accuracy gives less variation in thrust order, and wear and tear.
  • Dynamic DP-model; Modern DP-model with advanced wave filtering reduces unnecessary thruster usage. Continuously updated and requires minimal time to stabilize.
  • Heading optimalization; Automatic selection of heading with lowest power demand for station keeping, resulting in reduced emissions.
Brunvolls Retracteble Azimuth Thruster. Photo: Brunvoll AS

Retractable Azimuth Propulsion

Brunvoll can also offer the retractable azimuth thruster to fully complement our portfolio of propulsors for the wind farm service segment. The well-proven retractable azimuth thruster is well-suited for the operational profile for both SOV’s and CSOV’s and will contribute to make the vessels even more versatile and efficient.

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