Two new contracts for AKVA group in Greece

February 22, 2023

The Greek farmer Philosofish has ordered two new feed barges from AKVA group. The barges are designed to meet the needs of the Mediterranean.

The barges are designed in close dialogue between AKVA group and the customer himself. The Greek breeder now has three barges from AKVA group.

Philosofish is one of the largest farming companies in the Mediterranean that farms sea bass and sea bream. Philosofish wants to take a leading role in creating a new future using new technology from AKVA group, and has, among other things, a vision to remotely control feeding with the help of digital solutions.

By installing a hybrid battery pack on the barge, one gets an environmentally friendly, economical, and above all quiet main power source. It is the first time that AKVA group delivers such hybrid battery packs to Greece.

AKVA group currently delivers two different types of feeding systems, which are based on airborne or waterborne transport of pellets. Photo: AKVA group.

The barges will be operational in October. One of the feed barges will be moored at the Chiliomili location in Aghios Serafim, and the other will be moored at the Kofinas location, southwest of Evia Island

Feed barge, AM400CL was delivered last year to Philosofish. Photo: AKVA group.

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